What Do Smokejumpers Do?

Smokejumpers are a highly skilled, rapid response fire resource.  They provide initial attack suppression on emerging fires as well as fill a variety of roles on longer duration fires and wildland-urban interface fires.  Their training, versatility, and agility enable them to provide leadership that is capable of establishing command structure, situation assessment, and tactical and logistical support for extended fire and all-risk operations.

What Else Do Smokejumpers Do?

Smokejumpers may find themselves filling a variety of roles on assignment, due to their extensive training and leadership skills.  Smokejumpers may be assigned to initial attack on small wilderness fires or sustained suppression on larger fires.  They may also work on incident command teams responding to national disasters such as hurricane relief.  

Smokejumper bases also provide staffing for out of region projects and work details.  These include prescribed burning projects nationwide, field and classroom instructor position across the country and abroad (many smokejumpers have taught trainings in Africa), hazardous fuels reduction, management of fires for resource benefit, tree climbing, thinning, and more.